Dr. Chrys Michaelides

In 1998, following 16 years of treating patients with diabetes, Brisbane-based General Practitioner Dr. Chrys Michaelides developed the Glycomate concept as a multidisciplinary approach to managing his patients’ diabetes, through regular reviews, feedback, support and education.

In 2004, Glycomate was realized and released by Dr. Chrys Michaelides and his medical team. They developed a management system which quickly drew attention from fellow medical professionals, who also wanted to learn and adopt the Glycomate system for their own patients. Periodic audits of the care of patients found that the system was sustainable and effective, resulting in consistently high rates of well controlled diabetes.

However, over the ensuing years, despite sharing the philosophy via peer group education and community education, progress was slow. Dr. Michaelides’ goal of helping all people with diabetes to achieve well controlled diabetes seemed elusive. It was not possible for him to personally consult with all patients with diabetes, and it was clear that not all GPs were interested in upskilling their knowledge of diabetes management.

Despite these challenges, Dr. Michaelides remained steadfast in his belief that all people with diabetes, from diagnosis onwards, should be educated, encouraged, and supported in their active day-to-day management of diabetes.  

Dr. Michaelides knew that to transform how people with diabetes lived with and managed their diabetes they needed to:

  • Be involved in their own care

  • Understand that well controlled diabetes is more than blood glucose control

  • Know their numbers and what they mean.

  • Use individualised tools to manage every day

  • Learn how to engage with their doctors and other team members

  • Improve their confidence

  • Most of all – choose well controlled diabetes and the processes that are needed to achieve this.

Dr Michaelides believes that this process of transformation must be truly individualised. Individualised strategies to achieve optimal health and wellbeing as the normality are available and they need to be shared. Everyone has the right to good health and a good health system to support them.


In 2021, Dr. Michaelides dream of reaching everyone was realised. Glycomate went online – with the arrival of The Glycomate individualised multidisciplinary approach to managing diabetes is now available to everyone with diabetes in their own homes - through their phones, tablets, and computers.