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The information on this website is not a substitute for medical advice. Before implementing any ideas or suggestions from this website you need to consider your individual circumstances and consult your healthcare professional for advice appropriate to your specific situation. Glycomate Pty Ltd encourages you to discuss the outcomes of any Glycomate interaction or educational material with your doctor and other health care professionals. © Glycomate Pty Ltd 2019.

Check Your Diabetes Control

Simply answer 10 questions and quickly check where you are in your journey to well controlled diabetes. 

A personalised interactive approach to living with well controlled diabetes

Take Control of Diabetes

Find out what you need to do to achieve well controlled diabetes.

Stop Progress of Diabetes

Find out how to prevent progress by achieving lifestyle changes.

Reverse Diabetes

Find out how to eliminate and potentially reverse your diabetes.

Glycomate is more than just blood glucose levels, it's a structured diabetes care and management programme that delivers results!


Glycomate Diabetes Consultations


Achieved Well Controlled Diabetes

  • Engage with your doctor and other team members.

  • Be active in your own care and improve your confidence.

  • Manage your diabetes to prevent end organ damage (complications).

Glycomate will help you:

  • Assess where you are in your journey to well controlled diabetes.

  • Plan an individualised programme on how to achieve well controlled diabetes.

  • Learn what you need to maintain control and understand diabetes.