What does a person with Type 2 Diabetes look like?

A person with diabetes looks no different to anyone else. At least 1 in 11 people in western society have type 2 diabetes and at least 1 in 5 are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

When we look at people with type 2 diabetes, we see that:

  • 53% will be over the age of 65. Unfortunately the age of diagnosis is getting younger and we are now seeing teenagers with type 2 diabetes

  • 52% will be male

  • 50% will have had their diabetes for more than 6 years by the time they are diagnosed

  • 76% will be obese. They will usually have a waist measurement over 98cm for males, and 88cm for females

  • 51% will also have high blood pressure

  • 55% will already have eye damage (retinopathy)

  • 22% will already have kidney damage (nephropathy)

  • 13% will already have nerve damage in their legs (neuropathy)

  • 8% will have already had a heart attack or stroke

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