Protect your family from the complications of your diabetes

Poorly controlled and managed diabetes can lead to life-changing complications. Diabetes is a marathon of endurance that you need to train for, however you don’t need to break world records. Well controlled diabetes will help you to live well with your diabetes.

There is only one way to do this - BE INVOLVED IN THE CARE OF YOUR DIABETES.

To be involved you will need to have the right attitude, decide on a management style that suits your personality and then organise yourself into doing what’s necessary.

To be successfully involved in the day to day management of your diabetes:

Accept that no-one else can live and manage your diabetes for you.

Do not ignore your diabetes - that does not make it go away.

Be aware that not feeling anything related to your diabetes does not mean it won’t cause you any damage.

Acknowledge that you can’t leave your diabetes at home and go on a holiday. It comes with you.

Remind yourself every day that you are not diabetic, however you have diabetes.

Embrace your diabetes, it’s your diabetes and no one else’s.

To be involved in your own care when it comes to diabetes you must learn about and understand diabetes – Knowledge is power, using knowledge is smart.


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